The 8 Basic Rules of golf summarized for beginners

Golf is a sport, and as such, it has its rules. They are not many, nor very complicated, but it is best to know at least the most important before playing your first game. These are for many the 8 Basic Rules of golf that every beginner should know:

The 8 Basic Rules of golf

  1. The winner

All golf courses have 18 holes. The winner of a game is the player who gets to put the ball in the 18 holes of the course in the lowest number of hits is the winner. In order not to lose count, a system of points and a sheet are established where to write the scores and add them to the end.

  1. Penalties

A player may incur several penalties. These penalties are in addition to blows over your card scores, worsening your score. Grounds for a penalty are, for example, hitting the ball off limits, losing a shot, hitting an opponent’s ball.

  1. The sticks

You can’t take more than 14 golf clubs to a game. If you’re a beginner, you may think that one of them is good enough for you, but keep in mind that there are sticks for every kind of hit. So there are clubs that allow you to throw the ball further away while others offer you more precision.

  1. The ball

Each player has their shot at playing during the game. In order not to confuse it with that of another player, it is usually marked with a permanent marker. As we have already said at the previous point, hitting someone else’s ball is grounds for the penalty.

  1. The field

When playing golf, it can cause damage to the area. For example, if a hit too hard takes off a piece of land. It is the responsibility of all players to leave the field in the best conditions, so you must repair whatever you have deteriorated.

  1. Failure

The blows to the air (try to hit the ball and not hit it. It is unusual but can happen) are also counted as right blows, and cannot be repeated.

  1. Order during the game

In each round of punches, strike first the player who has been further from the hole. This is a safety standard to avoid accidental blows.

  1. The label

Although the Official Rules of golf are 34, there are more “unofficial” rules whose non-compliance, although not criminalized, is considered rude. For example, it is not well seen to look for a lost ball for more than 5 minutes or throw the stick to the ground with rage when a lousy hit is struck.

You know the 10 Basic Rules of golf. Now is the time to start them. We invite you to do so in our facilities.