Tall Grass Golf Club,Your Ultimate Golf Teacher & Guide Guru

When you want to get the best golfing experience you need to find the best course for that. For instance, if you are in NY, you must find the best public golf courses in New York State. The same goes for Atlanta, Cali, or wherever you are from. Of course, when you want to get the absolute best public golf courses in New York, you don’t have to look far – you just visit the Tallgrass Golf Club NY with its Shoreham country club – we promise you nothing less than the best experience.

Here at the Tall Grass golf club, we have something for everyone – beginners or advanced golfers with experience. In fact, our Tall Grass golf club can offer you 18 hole par 71 Scottish links-style course, which is more than 6,500 yards large, and it is constructed on more than 150 acres Long Island farmland! . The Tallgrass golf closing is never – since we work 7 days a week and you can expect to be welcomed on working days and weekends as well!

We are proud to say that ever since Tallgrass golf course opened back in May, 2000, we’ve came on lists of the best golf courses to play, especially in New York. So, when you want the best public golf courses in New York, you know you want us. We’ll welcome you in Suffolk county NY, and we promise you, the trip is worth making – especially since we have a picturesque, Hampton’s style clubhouse with a nice restaurant that you can use for large events too.

Join Our Private Club Membership

If you want to feel luxurious, special and well-cared for, we have our private club membership to suggest. At our private club membership, you’ll be able to master the whole golf course and you’ll use the newest Long Island facilities.

Of course, our premium, private club membership also offers a lot of other benefits that you’ll find helpful like dining, golfing and a lot of options to choose from where you’ll nurture your own lifestyle and hang out with people from your level of interests. We are proud to cater excellent services to our members and always strive to improving them and keeping our members as satisfied as possible. So, if you want to have a regular escape from reality where you can relax and be in a comfort zone within your fitness routine, the Tallgrass private club membership is something you must get!

Start Golf Lessons Today

The trick to being the ultimate golfer and doing it properly is to start training and to train hard. Of course, this requires some dedication and time investment, but it is worth it, especially after getting a hit for the first time! After all, golf is one of the most relaxing sports of all time and it requires a clear mind and good body posture which are basically things that are trained and achieved after training.

If you want to get some professional, high-end golf lessons, you need to get the best coach that will guide you through the whole process, and we are proud to offer such services as well. We offer golf lessons for any age group and we have highly-trained professionals as coaches, like the Head PGA Golf Professional Larry Menne which guides people till the point of confidence, posture and better technique.

Basic Rules Of Golf To Know

If you are inexperienced at golf, things might be somewhat confusing for you, but don’t worry, this is exactly why we are here. Here are the 3 most important rules of golf you need to know before you step foot on a golf course.

Don’t Move Anything that Grows

The trick to this rule is that you aren’t allowed to move, break, press, or bend any vegetation from the ground your ball is around. This means that if there is a branch, grass or leaves around your ball, you mustn’t do anything to it. Of course, you can move it a bit when you assume your stance or place the club behind the ball.

What Happens when you Can’t Find or Play your Ball

When this happens, you can either take a walk of shame or drop within 2 club-lengths of the point where your ball crossed the hazard and play from there.

You can Move Natural Movable Objects

When you have things that aren’t fixed or growing out of the earth, like rocks or sticks, you are allowed to move them, but you must remember not to move the ball.

Most Prestigious Professional Golf Tournaments

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