How do you access a golf club today? Probably one of the most fragile points in the clubs, we have to have a clear vision of what we want to be and where we want to be.

Master the golf course at Tallgrass as a member of one of Long Island’s newest golf facilities. Enjoy the best in casual dining, golfing, and more as a season pass member of Tallgrass Golf Course. With multiple pass options to choose from, it has never been quite so easy to enjoy one of the best lifestyles.

Significant discounts on green fees at golf courses throughout the United States and Canada is another benefit included as part of a Club membership. With hundreds of golf courses and thousands of tee-times to choose from, our members can play golf comfortably at affordable prices.

The process of becoming a member of a club has a cycle of parsimonious maturation. It is not done by impulse; it takes a while since they are family decisions that plan a life cycle. Nowadays no one joins a club if they do not use assiduously, so we have to have “ambassadors” in the clubs and make welcome programs to attract partners. In the old clubs, it is a challenging task as there are often very closed groups, but for years the panorama has changed radically. Today you get the red carpet in many social clubs as long as you pay a fee.

When we enter a club, we are offered high rates. Many clubs have seen the value of their shares drop dramatically. A few days ago, a friend acquired an action in a golf club for eighteen thousand euros. “A bargain,” he said. Years ago they had bought it at seventy thousand euros, probably one of the best clubs in this country. In many golf clubs the entrance rights are symbolic, and in some of them no longer exist, they are only maintained in some clubs. There are many ways to access them without becoming a partner; this is the reality.

The options of paying a lost amount have not worked for a long time in the current market, nor have clubs that have entry fees above their point of balance. If there is any club with this policy is doomed to failure. It is simple; we only have to look at the situation of young people: they do not have a stable income capacity, they are “militarists.” They have a lot of work mobility, and those between thirty and forty years old have other priorities such as mortgages, the formation of their children, etc., besides the fact that the leisure offer is much more comprehensive than years ago.

This intangible value is a priority, and we must anticipate the customer’s needs, be kind and empathetic, treat it with respect. There are no problems if there are immediate solutions; there are no culprits; there is action/reaction.

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