Most Popular Golf Betting Games and Side Bets

Sports betting is a very popular activity amongst sports fans from throughout the world, which is why golf betting games and services are in high-demand. In order to help you find the best golf betting games, we’ve combined a list of such games and side bets that you can take part in and win some real money too. Here they are:

  1. NassauWith three bets in one – you can have fun with your golf friends.
  2. Skins GameWin money from winning holes!
  3. Round RobinDivide your group of four into teams of two and rotate every six holes, let the fun begin.
  4. Dot GameUse the compilation of small bets and enjoy being competitive.
  5. Bingo Bango Bongo

You get points for 3 things: hitting the green first, getting closest to the green and being the first one to hole out!

Golf Betting Tips & Strategy

If you want to start sports betting on golf, you need to know how to follow and read the odds, which is why we have a few tips that might help you build a strong strategy.

First of all, when you bet on golf, you must know the rules, and the rules of thumb say that you shouldn’t over-bet on a single match or a single player. Sometimes we can all have a bad day or be exhausted, so have this into consideration, alongside the weather.

Another tip that is very important is that you need to follow golf betting online odds. Today, there are a lot of golf betting online casinos that can provide you with a lot of odds and lines that will help you make an informed decision, make sure to use all resources including this information for your own benefit.

Try Other Betting Options

If you are feeling lucky and you feel like you might beat the odds, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to your strict interests – golf betting online. Sometimes, you can go further and explore new golf betting online platforms like legal online casinos that can provide you with a lot of sports betting services and means. Online casinos are great for sports betting because they offer a lot of information which is very valuable for any person doing sports or golf betting.

Moreover, you must be prepared to take advantage of the options that are given to you. If you want to do the best, you need to use your time wisely, and the best place to use your time to place sports bets is at online casinos. Why, you ask? It is simple, these casinos offer casino bonuses for various reasons, and these casino bonuses are very helpful for anyone just starting out in the sports betting world. For instance, you can use the no deposit casino bonus you get from the moment you sign up to such a website, and you’ll play some free golf slot games as well as other casino games and win real money prizes along the way.

Of course, not all online casinos deserve your attention. The market expands more and more each day, so finding the right site that is both secure and features betting on golf-themed or related casino games can be challenging. It’s important to do a background check of each operator you intend to register with and ensure it is licenced by a legal regulatory body. If you don’t feel like doing the research yourself, you can rely on an experienced online casino reviewer to finish the job for you. Here is a shortcut to finding the best casino sites for golf betting that offer a plethora of bonuses and an extensive game portfolio!