Do we have to take courses to play golf?

You have just discovered the game of golf. Often the first time, it was a friend of yours who trained you on a driving range where you hit your first bullets. No doubt you’ve had fun on the putting green before. Perhaps you have taken a few hours of lessons to pass the green card, it is essential to be able to access the course, although some golfs are satisfied with your blue card, you get a taste for this beautiful activity, and at this point, you can ask yourself the question: Do you have to take courses to play golf? Golf is a sport, but not only, but it is also a game. Some will focus on the friendly and playful aspect of the game of golf; others will be more attracted by the sporting element. Everyone can find their happiness in this sporting activity, depending on their physical abilities, temperament, and motivation, but also on the time and financial resources available to this practice.

What is your goal of playing golf?

If your goal is to enjoy playing with friends, and if these friends already have a level that allows them to evolve on a course quickly, their advice may be enough for you. Your lack of technique will inevitably lead you to all the obstacles of the course, but you will learn to get out of it, to the greatest joy of your partners. You will progress with practice, with your qualities and also with your faults, but it doesn’t matter if you enjoy playing. In the absence of a technical basis, the physical abilities of each player and the sporting achievements in other activities will have a significant influence on the quality of your game. Some players manage to lower their playing handicap below 10, without ever taking golf lessons. These “very talented” are usually outstanding players or former excellent players from other ball sports, such as tennis. Be careful though that your pleasure is not a nuisance to other players. Respect the course times and make sure to let the players who catch up to you pass.

Golf will become your favorite sport

If you consider golf as a sport in which you want to perform as well as possible and possibly participate successfully in the many competitions that are offered by the clubs, lessons are essential. You will need to build a swing that will allow you to progress regularly and efficiently. Golf instructor tips will help you develop your swing, and organize your workouts to implement these tips. It’s decided you want to progress more effectively! You then have to choose the right golf instructor to suit your needs.

How to start playing Golf?

Playing golf with friends is more motivating. Golf creates social bonds. This sport offers us the opportunity to share good moments with partners, friends. Meeting game is a friendly leisure network that allows you to connect and meet other golfers. Some golfers are still beginners and are looking for other beginner golfers to progress together, others are more advanced in the practice of golf, and are ready to communicate their passion for beginners. And finally, many of us want to meet golfers to share their passion for golf. By registering on the friendly leisure network, you will be able to meet golfers, but not only golfers: loving golf does not also prevent to share other affinities with friends, for culture, leisure, and only friendship.